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Skype or Zoom personal training sessions.

Get in shape with me from anywhere with my Live Online Personal Training Sessions. Skype or zoom Personal Training sessions are the same interaction as if I was right there with you in person.All you need is your phone or laptop to workout anywhere you choose. You need very little equipment as our workouts are functional body weight exercises. I recommend you have the basics such as dumb bells, medicine ball, swiss ball and a mat.
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You will get the following benefits when you join my program:

  • – 4 weekly workouts catered to yout goals.
  • – How to tone and build your legs,booty,upper body and stomach.
  • – Nutrition and meal plan to help you maximize results.
  • – Cardiovascular workouts to 10x your goals
  • – Build your immune and stamina
  • – Shed inches and pounds
  • – Transform your body
  • – Build lean and toned muscle
  • – Flatten and tone your stomach
  • – Build and tighten your booty
  • – Get your ideal body fat percentage
  • – Eat like a celebrity on a budget
  • – No guess work just follow instructional videos
  • – 3 Meal plan options to help you maximize your goals.
  • – Supplementation advice
  • – How to detox your body and rejuvenate your organs
  • – Anti-aging secrets to keep you looking young.
  • – Learn how to stay in shape all year around

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Join my private group coaching program to get your customized plan.

You get 4 brand new workouts every week with instructional videos of me demonstrating how to perform each exercise. All you have to do is follow the step by step instructions and get the body you’ve always wanted. I am always changing up the workout routines so your body never gets use to it and plateaus.